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Articles and key teachings

Clerical contraception
An article by Fr. Thomas J. Eutenneuer, reprinted with permission from Spirit & Life: Human Life International e-Newsletter. This outlines the dangers of an almost universal priestly silence about contraception.
Read the article: Clerical contraception

Our heavenly honeymoon
An idea of God’s plan for marriage based on part of Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”
Read the article: Our heavenly honeymoon

The Catechism and the Sacrament of Marriage
A look at the sacramentality of Marriage in the light of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Read the article: The Catechism and the Sacrament of Marriage

A model for marriage
Gospel insights into the life of Joseph and Mary as role models for marriage. This article was written by Betty & Tony Dady for the Catholic Gazette, the Monthly Review of the Catholic Missionary Society, May 2001. Vol. 92. Issue 5, and is reprinted with permission
Read the article: A model for Marriage

First aid in marriage
A condensed version of a talk given in the Centre during National Marriage Week, February 1998, looking at the help married couples can give to other married couples, they know, who have problems in their marriage
Read the article: First aid in marriage

The Sixth Commandment
A balanced look at human sexuality as portrayed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, where a positive approach is adopted by indicating the path of life we are to follow, before dealing with the “offences” against it
Read the article: The Sixth Commandment

Parents’ nightmare—cohabitation
A look at cohabitation, with suggestions as to how parents can deal positively with this thorny problem
Read the article: Parents’ nightmare—cohabitation

Priorities in family life
Discerning the priorities given in scripture for living family life according to God’s plan of things
Read the article: Priorities in family life

A sign for all to see
Seeing the importance of marriage as a sign or sacrament of Christ’s love for his Church, and how sharing and togetherness will strengthen the relationship, and help prevent being caught in the Christian Adultery Trap
Read the article: A sign for all to see

Down from the mountain top
The dangers of personal religious experiences in relations with others, and a suggested solution to earth these in reality and love
Read the article: Down from the mountain top

Nurturing the unborn child
The developing foetus appears to experience and ‘feel’ the emotions of its mother; so the mother’s attitude towards her unborn child in the womb, is recognised as influencing the way the child will turn out physically and emotionally
Read the article: Nurturing the unborn child

Forgiveness—the key to healing
A practical approach to the healing of memories (inner healing), showing the stages involved, and the necessity for two-way unconditional forgiveness; including a look at what this forgiveness entails
Read the article: Forgiveness—the key to healing

Handling conflict
Specific patterns of negative conflictual interactions that are common, but extremely damaging to the marriage partnership. Based on a lecture by Professor Howard Markham. London 1996
Read the article: Handling conflict

Safe and clear communication
An outline of the Speaker-Listener technique, for positive conflict resolution, developed by Drs. Markham and Stanley. Based on a lecture by Professor Howard Markham. London 1996
Read the article: Safe and clear communication

Praying together as a couple
A practical look at the importance of married couples praying together
Read the article: Praying together as a couple

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