Feast Day Of St. Julian And St. Basilissa

January 9th is the feast day of St. Julian and St. Basilissa, who were husband and wife. They lived in the early part of the fourth century. They took vows of continence, and for love of their faith they turned their home into a hospital. This way, they could take care of the sick, poor and indigent of the area. St. Julian took care of the men, and St. Basilissa cared for the women. The couple found Jesus in the people they served. And they did what they did because of love, not for money or any kind of reward. We know, that St. Basilissa died after suffering great persecutions for the faith, in A.D.302. Julian lived much longer. He continued his generous service to sick people even after Basilissa had died. Later, Julian, too, died a martyr. Basilissa and Julian spent their whole lives helping others and serving God. They planted the seed of faith by living in a holy way. They watered that faith and made it grow with their blood shed for Jesus crucified. Let them be in some way an example for all married couples.