Heaven Speaks On Troubled Marriages And Divorce

Who among us has not been touched by divorce, either when our own marriage ends or that of a parent, relative or friend? In so many cases divorce forces souls to turn away from God, His Church, and His heavenly Will. Jesus wants to heal these wounds, and through His own messages, and that of St. Anne and the Blessed Mother, offers comfort and recovery to all who will heed His call. These urgent messages, these heavenly calls to action, are given to Anne a lay apostle living in Ireland. She has received permission from her local ordinary, Bishop Leo O?Reilly, for the printing and distribution of these messages.
Anne receives them and records them for heaven through a process called interior locution; this is not something strange or sensational, but a mystical phenomenon present in the life of the Church and described in manuals of spiritual theology. It is not a communication received through the senses, such as takes place in authentic apparitions. Nor is it simply a good inspiration, that light which the Holy Spirit normally causes to pour down into the minds and hearts of those who pray and live by faith. It is that gift by which God wishes to make something known and to help someone carry something out; so the person becomes an instrument of communication, while still maintaining his or her full freedom, which is expressed in an act of assent of the Holy Spirit. While receiving the word from the Lord, the person?s intellect remains, as it were, inactive: that is to say, it does not search for thoughts or for a way to express them as, for example, would be the case when one is writing a letter or preparing a discourse.
In obedience to the Church, and in obedience to Jesus, Anne works closely with her local bishop who has carefully examined these works and granted permission for publication. Copies of the Volumes have also been brought to the Vatican, to both Pope John Paul II just prior to his death, as well as to then-Cardinal Ratzinger, formerly head of the Congregation for the Doctrine and Faith and now Pope Benedict XVI. The position of the Church is that these writings are private revelation containing nothing contrary to Catholic faith and doctrine.