Telephone helpline

We offer a gentle, confidential, empathic, non-judgemental ear to your marriage problems small or large.

If requested, we will offer you help, advice, techniques, tools and suggestions to deal with your problems. We also offer ongoing telephone support.

However, it has to be realised that this help is limited, to a greater or lesser extent, when only one spouse contacts us and we only hear only one side of the story. From our experience we know that it always ‘takes two to tango’! So clearly if both spouses can contact us we are more likely to have more positive results. We do realise that this is often not possible; so if your spouse won’t or can’t contact us don’t let this prevent you from phoning.

You may also phone this number for information on marriage, marriage preparation and related topics; although it would be better to email such enquiries if this is at all possible.