Dear Tony and Betty,
This is truly a house of healing, ‘the last homely home’, which refreshes travellers who are making perilous journeys through lands of orcs and goblins! The Oasis of Peace is the most perfect embodiment of every mythical and fictional house of renewal I have come across—George MacDonald, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and so on. All is so perfectly adapted and carefully arranged, every detail attended to, each moment just right—and yet no fuss, no intrusion, but a gentle and wise restoration of so much that I had thought lost from the years the locusts had devoured. Of course, this is not so much a place as simply you—your grace and care and warm, unassuming spirit is what I have found. We cannot measure the worth of a marriage saved, restored, and so cannot measure my thanks.
With love and prayers.

Dear Betty and Tony,
I would like to second my beloved, but also say, you know our story. We had tried many other paths. But only at the ‘Oasis of Peace’ was God’s wonderful vision for our marriage able to be rekindled in our hearts.
With gratitude, love and assuring you of our prayers.

P & K. Birmingham.

To Tony & Betty
With glad thanks and grateful hearts for your anointed ministry of excellence, whatever God-glorifying fruit it bears in our life, you guys deserve the reward for we were broken and weak. Your love, expertise and Christ-likeness have helped put us back together.

We choose the orchid…because it is a precious and fragile flower. Much like our marriage. Thank you for making us see that again.
You guys are solid gold. The Best Kept Secret and we intend to ‘blab’ all about you so that others can enjoy the treasures you are.
God’s richest blessings always.

Tony & Betty
A huge thanks to you both for your love and care.

G & B. Waltham Abbey.

Dear Tony and Betty,
Thank you both so much for Teaching us,
Counselling us,
Praying for us and with us,
Feeding us and
Loving us.
God has blessed us through you both.
Please continue to pray for us and we will daily pray for you.

Tony & Betty
Thank you for showing us the true desire of the father—loving his child despite behaviour and knowing that should the child only do His will then we will enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. With love.

D & A. Belfast.

Dear Tony & Betty,
Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us this week. We’ve been really impressed at the way you have given yourselves unstintingly so that we could be built up, encouraged, listened to, rested & well-fed. We couldn’t have found a better place to come to. The input was very helpful but it was you yourselves in your quiet unpushing way that has guided us through this painful time. The Lord has been with us as we have prayed he would be.
We’ve also appreciated your prayerfulness and the atmosphere of peace, prayer & trust that there is about the place which of course is due to your own quite & trusting spirits.

He’ll make His way clear for your future too.
With love & thanks.

K & C. Nottingham.

Betty & Tony,
Thank you for your excellent hospitality and love. Like P… I am still reeling from the experiences of being in (your) lovely retreat house. Words can’t express the peace I experienced and the deep healings I received through your teachings and sharings. I know I am speaking for both of us when I say we look forward to coming back one day and pick up where we left off—sooner than later, I hope. Through us your love has already touched others.
Love & God bless.

J & P. Glasgow.

Dear Tony & Betty,
In this busy world where there never seems to be enough hours in the day, you find the time to give your time to others, like us. You’re appreciated more than you know, we love you and thank you for the ‘tools’ you have given us to build on our marriage. Thank you for your dedication to marriage, may your ministry continue to heal the hearts of many marriages out there.
You’re so special & we can’t say thankyou enough. God bless!

N & S. Essex.

These tributes are very humbling, because we know that at best we are only weak tools in the hands of the Great Healer. All praise and Honour are due to Him alone.