The World Congress Of Families

The World Congress of Families will take place in Amsterdam. The main theme of this conference is, ‘The Family: More than the sum of its parts’. For the few past years, very little attention has actually been paid to this subject that is so very close to our hearts. The family, which one might actually consider as the smallest unit of democracy within our society, is the place in which we are educated as persons and from where we draw our individual identities. It is time that we fully appreciate the family in accordance with its true value. This is all the more important in the light of change. Society is changing, and families are following suit. Work and parenting are being shared to an ever-greater degree, and children feel comfortable about this. The part-time employment culture common to the Dutch is held as being exemplary in the eyes of other European countries. The Congress therefore strives towards affirming and strengthening this societal tendency by underwriting the importance of the family within the political and scientific arena. From a global perspective, it may be observed that families in developing countries are under considerable pressure due to conflicts, epidemics and migration. The question thus arises as to what investment is actually necessary to authentically alleviate some of the pressures placed upon the family worldwide. Considerable attention will be paid to this topic during the Congress. This year’s World Congress of Families will be the fifth in a series of congresses already held on this topic. The World Congress of Families is a foundation established within the United States and which functions as an umbrella organization for a large number of affiliated foundations. The W.C.F. aims to advance the role of the family throughout the world.